Dalea has been a professional photographer and graphic designer  for a decade. She is well accustomed to working with discerning clients, meticulous attention to detail and persistence to excellence. She is well seasoned in visual design, color, beauty and what harmony means. Having working experience with Fortune 500 American Companies such as DKNY and Vanity Fair, there is no doubt that her well-trained eye understands elegant and innovative aesthetics.

let mE HELP YOU tell your story.

Trained in make-up application by the renowned House of CHANEL, known for their legendary standards of excellence and sophistication.

To have your make up done by Dalea, is to see yourself under a new light and surge of extra confidence for your photo-shoot or special event. Confidence is the greatest beauty secret there is!

m a k e - u p

artists, corporate and fantasy

Formally trained in Graphic Design, Dalea has a the ability to deliver elegant, innovative and eye-catching graphics to support your business.

g r a p h i c  d e s i g n

branding and development

r e t o u c h i n g

the entire rainbow of possibilities

Dalea's ongoing skill-set training and state of the art software are reasons enough for outstanding results, yet it is Dalea's training in fine art, painting (oil, watercolor and charcoal) and her studies in human anatomy, that truly give Dalea an X-Factor edge in retouching.

Dalea has also scored a perfect 100% on the Ishihara color vision ability test (this is not something one can train to do, you are either born with it, or not).  Our product results are natural, color balanced and eye catching.

Dalea's has working experience in photography and advertising with multimillion dollar companies (DKNY, Vanity Fair). Her well trained eye and cultivated taste affords Dalea the ability to shine a special light of beauty on her subjects.

Her experience in the New York fashion world make Dalea well trained to create  compelling stories, from a basic client initial idea.


artists, models, ACTORS, CorporatE AND FAMILY


  • As Director of Merchandising/design for the DKNY Intimate apparel brand, Dalea lead product development, innovation and marketing photo-shoots.
  • As Associate Merchandiser/Designer at Vanity Fair Incorporated. Dalea was a member of research & development and known as 'The Idea Girl'. She was also actively involved in VF's national focus groups, model casting and marketing photo-shoots.
  • Make-up artist for the renowned house of CHANEL BEAUTÉ, trained intensely in make-up artistry by CHANEL's national make-up artist.
  • Dalea has studied fine art and human anatomy. She posses artful and true-to life retouching skills.


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